Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A cleaner, more reliable approach to Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosphila suzukii) or SWD Trapping

With the current monitoring systems in use, growers and advisors are generally relying on wine and vinegar based blends of liquid attractants to both monitor and catch Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosphila suzukii) or SWD. The liquids have a short life, as the attractive volatile components dissipate quickly often leaving a sticky gel like substance.  These attractants are also not specific to SWD.  In some presentations, the entire trap needs to be replaced, creating considerable waste.  Another problem is that the wine and vinegar blends attract many other insects, so that identifying SWD caught in the liquid can be tedious and messy.

Following extensive laboratory and field evaluations in the US, researchers have isolated the key attractant chemical components that are contained within liquids which SWD prefer and in turn, the insect pheromone specialist Trécé Inc has created a novel dispenser that can neatly contain and release the chemicals consistently.  After a few false starts, testing over 2014 and 2015, in both in Europe and the US have delivered great results against commercial standards and now the Trécé product, called the Pherocon SWD Lure is available in the UK and EU markets from Sentomol Pest Management Solutions.

The product was on display at the Sentomol stand and proved a popular discussion at the 2015 Fruit Focus event at East Malling, Kent, 22nd July.

With ease of handling a prime consideration, the SWD lure is simply suspended under the lid of the trap before adding a catching liquid. One advantages of the Pherocon SWD Lure is that it can be used with a clear drowning solution, such as with soapy water or antifreeze which significantly aids in the identification of fly capture as well as removing the need to regularly change the liquid bait. 

In addition, the new Pherocon SWD Lure has demonstrated captures of SWD a good 2 weeks earlier versus natural baits in areas where adults do not overwinter and as the long lasting dispenser will work over 7-8 weeks, there is no need to change baits weekly, saving time and labour.

The new lure is also more specific to SWD than liquid baits, attracting far fewer moths, flies, wasps and other drosophila species than a wine and vinegar blend and the capture of SWD is made all the more convenient when the lure is used with the Pherocon SWD Trap which specially designed with wide aperture mesh cover entrance holes to further limit the ingress of non-target insects.

More information is available from David Loughlin at Sentomol (01600 713396

The difference is clear.
The image on the table compares fly catch in apple cider vinegar
 to water with the Pherocon SWD lure