Wednesday, 29 May 2013

International Pest Control Magazine - May/June

This month we featured an eclectic mix of pest control articles, which included, a review of two Industrial Pest Control events on opposite sides of the globe - PestEx UK and the CPCA event in China; a discussion on the minefield that is the EU regulatory environment; how carpenter ants can be destructive in Norway; the origins of pesticide smoke generators in Spain; and the trials of a new A&K fruit fly system.  We feature two ongoing Forestry stories that although based in the UK, have a resonance across Europe: the ongoing march of the Oak Processionary Moth and spread of the Chalara, Ash tree die back fungus.

We continue to develop the IPC magazine content and should anyone feel they have a contribution to make in the form of a technical paper, a press release, news story or just want to respond to something you have read in this month’s issue, please do get in touch with me via

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