Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Horseflies are not the only new arrivals in Monmouthshire

The wet weekend over and the warmth forecast for the rest of the week is bringing  a fresh growth to the local vegetation and the first catches of horseflies in our locally placed H-Traps.  This years Spring and Summer seasons have been reportedly 3-4 weeks later than 'normal', whatever that may be.  Horseflies are a seasonal pest and will look for blood meals from a variety of sources.  Alpacas, because of their thick coats and lighter colour are less likely to be bothered by them, but this not apply to other animals or their owners who may be nearby.  Young 'Dewi' (left) was born 2 days ago and is already exploring his paddock. So too will the newly emergent adult female horseflies looking for blood meals that they need to help in egg production.  Placing traps out now will help keep population numbers down, both for this and subsequent 

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