Monday, 1 July 2013

Horsefly Trap working well at SWHP

We were busy over the weekend catching horseflies.  Our neighbours The Society for the Welfare of Horse and Ponies ( are holding an open day on Sunday 7th July and we've installed 2 traps on site in an effort to get the local horsefly population down so the current equine residents, staff and visitors can enjoy the day more.  I had just set up one extra trap on Saturday and left the trap to fetch some soapy water the fill the catch chamber and was amazed to see the pot already alive with caught flies when I retruned 10 minutes later.  The original trap had been emptied that morning and by lunch time there was a considerable collection.  Most were our common 'Notch-horned Cleg - Haematopota pluvialis  but there were a few large Tabanus species also although I wasn't able to identify which.

See our Youtube video below to see the catch for yourself.

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