Monday, 22 July 2013

International Pest Control Magazine - July / August

Summer is well and truly upon us in the Northern hemisphere and the rains and winds of 2012 have been replaced by the heat and sun of 2013.    Pest management is all about coping with changing situations that confront us and the weather certainly makes forward planning a challenge.

One of the challenges of Editor of International Pest Control magazine is to decide what articles to include each month.  We are always open to receive press releases, scientific articles and news stories from around the world and we aim to reflect our global readership and breadth of markets in the material we include in each issue.  In addition to our normal news stories, we have this month added a ‘News in Brief’ section where we summarise some additional stories from around the world.
This month we examine plant defences and how plants communicate.  Covering vector management, we consider progress in combating malaria and a novel tool for dengue vector monitoring.  Under urban pests, we provide discussions on bed bug monitors and termite baits, while also casting our eye over the challenges facing archivists with a review of June’s  ‘IPM in museums’ meeting.  We spotlight two minor pests, where studies on control could have broader applications.  Essential oils and plant extracts are often discussed as part of the growing biopesticide markets and we look specifically at how these agents are used against the Red Palm Mite in Trinidad and, with invasive weeds in mind, we look at how in the UK, local river groups are coping with Himalayan Balsam.  Having covered insects and weeds, we also look at fungal pests with a review of how rusts present a food security risk.  And finally, we consider a little known pest that is a problem in tree crops, tropical epiphytes and collateral control.
Our company profile this month is PelGar International.  If you would like your company to feature in these pages and you have a successful story to tell, then get in touch.
I hope you enjoy your summer reading.

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